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Are you considering farming? Scaling an operation? Facing difficult challenges on your road to success? Do you have crop specific questions? Need a guideline to work off of to kickstart your business?

 Knowledge and experience are the most powerful and valuable tools at your disposal. 

 As a farmer, business owner, and team leader with 25+ years of experience, it would be my joy, pleasure, and honor to help you achieve your goals in agriculture. I believe agriculture holds great promise for communities, families, and the world! You can read more about my motivation on the Mountain Flower Farm blog.

 Over the years, I've personally started 5 different farms, in 3 different countries, and in 5 different climate zones. From the cold mountains of VT, to the windswept New England Island of Chappaquidick, to the intense tropical heat of Costa Rica's jungle, I've faced many hard challenges in farming. I've also spent incredible amounts of time, effort, and money to overcome these challenges. I’ll put this investment to work for you, and help create the strongest foundation for you to grow from. 

 In addition to these personal initiatives, I've also helped many different projects get off the ground.

screen-shot-2021-03-17-at-9.49.11-pm.pngFrom large scale, high budget, high pressure projects... to small, mellow, and slow pace start up initiatives that just need a little helping hand, I've been able to save large businesses as well as individual entrepreneurs time, money, and most importantly, served as a catalyst to their success. Within the floral industry, I’ve worked hard to help others meet their goals. Hosting workshops on the Vermont Farm, joining conferences as a guest speaker, and serving on the board of multiple agricultural-based non-profits has helped me learn the best ways to convey useful, relevant, focused knowledge to those that are seeking it. 


When you are ready to take solid, actionable steps towards building your agricultural endeavor, I encourage you to get in touch. I’d be happy to hear about your plans and determine if I can be of assistance. 

Cheers to growing!


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