Posted by Walt Krukowski on May 31st 2017


“We just got through the box and OMG gorgeous - thanks for the coral and red ones. I have them on my desk and they made my day. So pretty. We are going to have happy brides this weekend. Thanks for making us look good!”

- Dawn Kelly – Owner/Creative Director, Soiree Floral

There is almost nothing a bouquet of flowers, a field in full bloom, or a single stem doesn’t seem to make look better. The only thing that comes even close to having that same effect is something you can’t see: it’s all the intimate, trusting connections that make the work we do possible, and make us all look good in the process.

We take great pride and joy in sustainably producing top quality fresh cut flowers and have for nearly 20 years. We’ve nurtured and stewarded our farm’s balanced biological ecology­­—healthy soil, beneficial insect habitat, and abundant nutrients; but we’ve also carefully cultivated a vital network of connections and relationships that truly provide the backbone of what we do.

An intricate web...

Up and down the east coast, there are specialty suppliers, professional, discerning floral designers, wedding planners, distributors, and growers that independently plug away at their craft, honing their skills and showing off within a vast network of interconnected parts.

In all of the years I’ve been cultivating my perennial passion, I’ve found that the connections I’ve built with the vibrant floral community has been the most rewarding part of it all.

Here comes the bride…

From our small farm nestled in the Green Mountains of Vermont’s Mad River Valley, we ship tens of thousands of tight peony buds, lush lilac, and exquisite hydrangea every season to truly gifted floral designers whose orders are sometimes placed as much as a year earlier!

Wedding planners meet with brides, brides confer with soon to be in-laws who again meet with the wedding planner, who reaches out to floral designers, who sit down with brides, portfolios, and possibilities. Expectations start to percolate, excitement quivers, and plans take shape. Designers reach out to growers who count shoots as soon as the snow melts, approximate picking dates for corals and pinks, and the connections keep flowing.

When the wedding looks good and the bride is shining, when her bouquet is elegant, exquisitely understated, when the coral compliments his tie, and the whites her veil, when the photographer captures that candid moment when everything is fortuitously out of place and right where it all belongs, all those connections merge together perfectly to highlight how none of us do this alone, and each of us makes the other look especially good if we’re doing it right.

We couldn’t do this without you!

We absolutely rely on every professional up and down the floral food chain, and all the brides, grooms, and guests in between. We have the honor of working with some of the country’s most celebrated floral designers, and are humbled by the work they do every day converting buckets of stems, dull clippers and sore fingers, into simply beautiful works of art.

It’s inspiring and truly amazing that we get to work with so many people we’ve never met in person, but whose work we’ve come to respect and admire so much over the years.

Thank you! It truly is the connections that we most value!