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'Bridal Shower' - 30 Roots

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Bridal Shower - 30 Roots 

When it comes to clean, glowing white peonies, ‘Bridal Shower’ is one of the best, with a beautiful ivory white double bomb center that is framed by wide, pure white guard petals. 
Compared to the standard floral industry whites, ‘Bridal Shower’ is larger, with more of a creamy glow as it opens. The petals and foliage are very clean and blemish free, and that’s why we really appreciate these on the growing side of things.
It is varieties like this that help growers to consistently deliver top quality blooms... even in “uncooperative weather”! This is one of the varieties with a proven natural resistance to botrytis and other wet weather diseases. 
For home gardeners this is a nice selection specifically for its stronger stiff stems that hold the plant naturally upright.
A very nice, elegant, vigorous selection from Roy Klehm that first bloomed in 1959, and was subsequently registered in 1981.

'Bridal Shower' blooms early season, before many other whites.