'Coral Sunset' - Roots

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'Coral Sunset' - Roots

Large, 3/5 eye root divisions 

Coral Sunset is an American Peony Society Gold Medal Winner. Out of all the different Coral varieties, 'Coral Sunset' has the richest, deepest, most vivid color. 

Vibrant coral flowers bloom 5-10 days ahead of Coral Charm, offering growers a slightly staggered harvest window when growing both varieties. 

These are very vigorous plants with strong, tall, stiff stems, and heavy set flower buds. After a few seasons in healthy soil, they will throw many stems and flowers (up to 20+ per plant).

Emerald green, clean foliage enhances bouquets and forms a nice shape in the landscape.

Compared to the traditional double "bomb" peony, these are much more upright,  strong plants, and can be grown without staking.

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