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Cut Growers Special - Starter Pack - 40 Roots

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***Growers Special***

Perfect for aspiring market growers!  We include planting instructions and cultivation tips with each order.

40 - 3/5 eye, topsize divisions, $12.50 each includes shipping 

This is a great way to start a diverse, profitable cut peony program for your farm!

The starter pack contains 4 varieties (10 each) of some of the best performing cut flower peony. 

These varieties will offer a very extended harvest period (up to 6 weeks), and meet the criteria of having exceptional flowers, high stem count, rapid root growth, and also having strong demand for cut flowers in many different markets.

Here below is a brief description,  and link to each individual peony's page

'Roselette':  The very first high value peony to bloom. Have peonies to market weeks earlier! Frost tolerant and vibrant coral rose color.


 'Coral Sunset':  Blooms 10 days after Roselette. The richest color of the corals, and highest stem count per plant. Multiplies rapidly underground!



'Duchesse de Nemours':  Blooms 10 days after Coral Sunset. Fragrant, vigorous, double white that throws 40 + stems per plant! Multiplies rapidly underground! 


'Sarah Bernhardt': Blooms 10 days after Duchessse. The undisputed winner for cut flowers! Throws up to 50 stems per plant. Multiplies very rapidly underground. Strong steady demand. The world's most popular peony.