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'Festive Maxima' - 30 Roots

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Large, 3-5 eye roots

White - Double - Early Season

An heirloom peony variety, popular for over 150 years. The large globular flowers feature loosely arranged rose form blooms of pure white, with a few crimson flecks that enhance display. They are very fragrant, very dependable, and are a very vigorous grower. A standout in our fields and one of the fastest multiplying peony. This variety will produce very high quantities of premium quality cut flowers, in a very fast time. 

'Festiva' will open from blush tone for northern growers with cold winters.

A must have for market growers! Even after 20 years of growing, and many new introductions, Festiva still tops our list for sales every season. There is good reason why this variety is so popular, it's simply just one of the nicest peony.

Highly recommended to growers because of it's dependability. 

Early/Mid Season Bloom