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Hydrangea are one of our specialties. We grow many varieties and produce them in big numbers. Like all of our crops, they are produced using #beyondorganic techniques.  Our Hydrangea are grown in a field where nurturing nature through biodiversity and sustainable practices is top priority. A walk through our farm is punctuated by not only beautiful blooms, but also an abundance of wildlife. Butterflies, bees, birds and beyond are all present and thriving. Turning over a shovel of soil shows nice deep dark rich humus, tons of worms, and a healthy robust microbiology. We never use Round-Up or any other chemical herbicides, fertilizers, or fungicides. Hydrangea love our rich organic soils and cool mountain climate, and it shows in their quality. The blooms we produce are crisp, clean, vibrant and healthy. 

Many of our original customers found us because of peonies, but then over the years started to count on us all through August and September for premium quality fresh cut Hydrangea blooms.

All of the different varieties start out white in early August and then gain more tone and color going into September. The dark rusty red and pink coloring arrives by mid September, and we continue to pick until the first hard freeze. 

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