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Wholesale Peony Roots

Growing exceptional quality peony roots and providing them at bulk prices for other farms and root resellers is the backbone of our farm business.

We take this responsibility seriously, and know what it's like to invest in a big waiting game!

We also know exactly what it takes for peonies to thrive, and that foundation starts with large healthy roots with an adequate number of eyes.

In fact, it takes a skilled hand and lots of experience to get divisions that match eyes to root mass in the correct ratio. 

The roots our wholesale customers receive are the same roots we plant for our own ongoing and increasing cut flower production. They come from our own fields, where varieties have been selected and trialed over 25 years of commercial cut flower growing. 

All root stock has been thoroughly washed, cured, and treated with an OMRI (organic) certified preventative fungicide treatment.  We also take the time to innoculate all of our outgoing rootstock with beneficial mycorrhizae. They are primed and ready for a good start!

Please keep in mind all root prices include shipping via FedEx. Depending on ship zone, a $10 box/handling fee may be added (per entire order).

Inventory for the coming season will be live online January 1st. Orders ship October 15th.