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Iris Blades - 5 bunches

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Iris Blades - 10 bunches

Iris blades are a unique, long lasting green. Their long, thin, emerald green leaves are tapered to a point at the tip. These are very clean greens with no bug bites and no discoloration or damage. They last 20 days at room temperature and can be held in a cooler for up to 40 days. This unique product is great to bring in to your shop and use over many weeks. 

We produce them using #beyondorganic practices, and for the eco-conscious designer they are a great alternative to imported greens that come to us with significant ecologic and economic cost.

Large bunches are around 1 pound, 24-36", and contain 50 + stems. 

They ship 5 bunches to a case, 1 case minimum.