'Joker' - Roots

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'Joker' - Roots

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Large, 3/5 eye root divisions

The fully double flowers of 'Joker' peonies resemble giant carnations due to their attractive picotee edging. A strong stemmed cut flower variety that is rare and in high demand. Early/Mid season bloom

'Joker' is beautiful dark pink when it first opens. Fresh blooms feature darker pink edges on petals that mature to white in the center, while leaving a pink picotee on the tips.  Blooms are held high on very strong stems. This variety was originally received from Henry Landis with the name 'Joker' and is said to be one of the Bockstoce seedlings obtained by Landis shortly after the death of W.S. Bockstoce in 1963. We imported this variety directly to our farm in 2015, and we are just now starting to offer a very limited quantity of the roots.

'Joker' is one of the peonies we are most excited about right now. We have invested heavily in quickly ramping up production of 'Joker' and are using it in our breeding program as well. This peony is a superstar on the rise.