"Late" Lilac - Purple - 5 bunches

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"Late" Lilac - Purple - 5 bunches

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5 large grower's bunches of fresh cut, very fragrant, "late" Lilac. 

"Late" Lilac  (Syringa x prestoniae) feature florets that are densely packed with small trumpet shaped flowers.

The soft purple trumpets open to a lighter lilac rose shade. One of the strongest scented Lilacs available.

These are also known as "Canadian Lilac" or "Preston Hybrid Lilac".

They will continue to open from cutting stage and have a 1 week vase life. 

These blooms ship easily, and can be held in cold storage up to 14 days before use.

Pack 5 bunches case / 1 case minimum - bunches are 5 stems branched / 10 stems straight , 24-30", with 10 + florets per bunch

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