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'Pastelegance' - Roots

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Past elegance :  1 - large, 5+ eye root

Pastelegance won the coveted American Peony Society  ‘Best In Show’ Award. 

An incredible blush pastel double peony.

This is perhaps the finest peony available on the market today. Double champagne cream with light pastel pink highlighted flowers are quite unique for color and will not be confused with anything else.  Large rounded guard petals surround a central mass of well shaped and ruffled petals.  The central flower petals often appear layered and swirled, while the guards are always flat and rounded.  Foliage is a dark blue-green and leaves are wide.  Stems are sturdy.

Pastelegance is the pinnacle of modern hybrid breeding and is only now finding it’s way into gardens around the world. Pricey due to demand and supply.  A supreme show flower.  Hard to find. 

Fresh cut stems command a very high price, often $10/stem wholesale if you can even find any.