- Receiving Fresh Cut Peony


All of the peony varieties that we grow have been selected for their excellence as cut flowers. When the season begins we continually check and cut buds to make sure that each flower is harvested at just the right stage. They are then graded, chilled, and shipped. Each box is packed with care, including gel ice packs and insulation to help maintain temperature control during shipping. Cut peonies are shipped via priority overnight service and in most cases will arrive at your door by 10:30 a.m. We load outgoing shipments at 7 pm, so our nationwide grower direct shipping ensures you receive the freshest blooms possible.


Our peony flowers are harvested in tight bud form, often showing little color. In transit or dry storage, peonies may become dehydrated and/or limp and foliage may look wilted on arrival. Do not be alarmed! After proper processing foliage will rejuvenate. Buds may appear damaged and bruised (especially Coral varieties). These are the outer guard petals that protect the flower. Some varieties (especially Duchesse) will show spotting on guard petals. These guard petals can be removed without damaging the flower or it’s presentation. 


Upon arrival: cut stems 1” from bottom and remove any foliage that is damaged or will be below the waterline. Place in a bucket of warm water (100 to 110 degrees) with a few drops of bleach added to re-hydrate the flowers. Allow re-hydration at room temperature for 60 minutes. 


After re-hydration: Rehydrated stems can be placed in a floral cooler and held at this stage for up to 3 weeks. Place the stems in clean buckets with about 8 inches of water. A floral holding solution added to the water will give the best results. Peonies are ethylene-sensitive, so care should be taken to protect them from this type of exposure.


For use: When removing peonies from cold storage for use, cut 1” from bottom and place in warm water with a full nutrient floral solution. Allow at least 72 hours at 72 F to open tightly closed buds. Do not place peonies in container too tightly, as they will open an additional 4” to 8” in diameter.


  • To speed up the opening process tight buds can be placed in warmer temperatures and direct sunlight.   
  • At any stage of opening, place buds back in cooler to pause their development.
  • If hot temperatures and direct sun are anticipated for the design work, it is best to use peonies that are 80% open. They will continue to open very fast when exposed to the warmer temps.