Season Extender Bulk Discount - Blush

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Season Extender Bulk Discount - Blush

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A bulk discount to help growers plant for a long season of light pink/blush blooms. 

Features 10 each of 3 varieties (30 roots). Early, Mid, and Late blooming varieties will combined yield 4-6 weeks of flowers.

$420 / $14 per root includes free shipping

All are large 3/5 eye division. 

10 x 'Mons. Jules Elie' - an early season very light pink double that is very vigorous, with prolific amounts of fragrant blooms

10 x 'Pillow Talk' - a mid season fragrant blush double that is very sought after by floral designers 

10 x 'Myrtle Gentry' - an exclusive, very late blooming , extremely fragrant blush double. Huge flowers! Very good cold storage capability.