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Why source from us?

  • Quality - We work hard to produce exceptional quality organic flowers.  Quality is what sets our products apart. Our customer feedback (see below) serves as a great testimonial to the standards we uphold.
  • Consistency - You can count on us to consistently provide top quality product. Our production, inventory, distribution, and customer service systems are streamlined, proven, and designed from the ground up to help your business thrive. 
  • Value - Wholesale pricing, volume discounts, and special online promotions provide an exceptional value. Our low prices, combined with overnight shipping to your door, will save you valuable time and money. 
  • Freshness - Buying grower direct allows an otherwise unobtainable level of freshness. We put blooms in your hands that are often picked less than 18 hours before arriving at your door. 
  • Timing - Thanks to Vermont's cool mountain climate, our seasonal crops come into bloom after most other sources have finished for the season. Our Snowball and Lilac crops bloom late May. We have fresh cut peonies coming from our fields all the way into mid July. 



Customer Feedback

Dear Walt,
I just opened the most spectacular box of peonies I've ever received. Each blossom is beautiful and usable!! Thank you so much for introducing me to your company. I look forward to purchasing your flowers for many years come. And thanks for the extra treat packed inside the box !
Best wishes,
Patrice R. Milley Floral Designs
Dear Walt
Your peonies arrived this morning and I am beyond excited about the quality of these blooms!!! Thank God we found you!!!!
At your earliest earliest convenience let me know your availability for white peonies or flesh tone peonies for next week...I have a feeling I could buy you out!!!
Thank you!
Semia Dunne
Flowers By Semia
Hi Walt -
Just wanted to say that your peony are more than magnificent; what a great job you did in growing these hybrids!
Alison de Wit
Distinctive Floral Designs
Great Falls, Virginia
Received!!  Unbelievably beautiful!!!!!!  Thank you, Thank you!  I will need some blush ones for next week and will call to let you know how many,.  I need a very pale variety or these sarah bernhardt again.   So glad to have FOUND you!!
Dana Markos, Creative Director/Principal
We just got through the box and OMG gorgeous - thanks for the coral and red ones.  I have them on my desk and they made my day.  So pretty.  We are going to have happy brides this wknd.
THANK YOU!!!!!! ;)
Hi Walt,
Thanks for checking in - the flowers were great!  Amazing how they perked right back up the second they got put in water.  I'm still enjoying a few of the extras we had.  Our client was very happy so thanks for making us look good!
I look forward to working with you again very soon!
have a great day,
Dawn Kelly
Owner/Creative Director
Soiree Floral